Day 116: Brandon Pachan, Teacher (Macville PS)

Brandon is a Grade 7/8 core, grade 2 math, grade 3/4 drama/dance/health LTO teacher at Macville Public School who loves improvisation and tries to follow the three basic rules that it teaches everyday:

1) Live in the Moment (listen to what is happening in the now)

2) Say “Yes, and” to offers (agree with your reality and contribute)

3)Make your scene partner look good (focus on making those around you look good, the rest will take care of itself)


  Follow Your Curiosity

A few weeks ago I heard about the Canadian finalists for the Mars100 project on the news (you can read more about it here). I started actively using twitter (@BrandonPachan) in my classroom in January and  followed the six finalists. Joanna Hindle, a Secondary School teacher from Whistler, British Columbia, followed me and I decided to ask her a favour. Our class was curious about the project and I asked if she would be interested in being interviewed by my students. Her positive response was almost instant, and during class the students  worked out the details live through twitter message.Pachan

Leading up to the Skype chat our class worked on researching Joanna, the project, and developing questions. Their assignment was to interview her and write a news article/blog post about it. We used the class website ( to post our questions, giving Joanna a heads up. The excitement was building, the class was engaged, and we were ready for our interview.

Pachan #2

I could tell that Joanna was game for anything, but I was still amazed by her enthusiasm and genuine interest in the student’s questions (after all, it was 7a.m. her time). She answered everyone’s questions with detail, scientific facts, and humour. She expressed afterwards that she would be interested in working together to develop lesson plans and continue talking with curious classrooms. We are now beginning to e-mail back and forth ideas and plans. Today I learned that following your curiosity will take you on a path of adventure, discovery, and insight. Ask questions, take risks, and enjoy the ride.Pachan #3



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