Day 66, Loreta Lombardi, Teacher Candidate (York University)


My name is Loreta. I am a York University Teacher Candidate at Massey Street Public School, having the privilege to complete the first term practicum with Ms. LY’s Grade 3’s!!

I was asked to write about my time in placement and time in Peel, so here it is 🙂..

I will begin with much positivity and say how much I am enjoying my time at Massey, working with the grade 3’s and my mentor teacher. Having an Early Childhood Education background, I have experienced many educational settings and diversity within placements and employment, and have learned a ton over these last few years. The time spent at Massey though has given me more insight into a day and life of a teacher. For the last two weeks I was on my block for placement, attending the school five days a week, instead of the two days that I normally do, and I will sure say how much more tired I am feeling (physically and mentally). It is not easy dealing with 20+ students at a time every single day. I am familiar with this because I have run day camps before, and boy I was exhausted! But being in the school setting is different. I am recognizing more of the emotions I feel and the way I handle myself, the students, and given situations. I believe that classroom management is something that every teacher struggles with, as we learn more and more about our students each day. This “management” comes with continuous practice and work, more to say, experience. I see the way my mentor teacher handles the class, and appreciate her caring and kind heart. She is definitely not the YELLING type, yet becomes firm in such a calm way when needing to get a message across. I really want to emphasize her dedication as an educator, mother, and individual, as I see more and more traits of how I want to be as a teacher.

Though I mention feeling tired, at the same time I am having a lot of fun! This couldn’t be possible without Ms. LY and the grade 3’s, along with my York classmates in the Peel cohort. We have been there for each other over these last months, as it has been a lot of work and mixed emotions..

I feel truly supported and want to say THANK YOU, as I continue my education and experiences within Peel’s schools. 🙂



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